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The Northern California College of Clinical Pharmacy Committee’s Second Annual PharmD Research Symposium

Jul 16, 2013

On Wednesday June 26th, the Northern California College of Clinical Pharmacy (NCCCP) Committee held their Second Annual PharmD Research Symposium. This symposium is intended to showcase the diverse research accomplished at Pacific, to demonstrate the dynamic capabilities that Pacific students have to offer, and to increase student interest and awareness of opportunities in research on the Health Sciences campus.

The response from students was overwhelmingly positive. "Even though I was nervous and anxious, to be able to present the research we have worked on these past few months, to share it was an honor. Everyone was so supportive and it was definitely an experience I won't forget," said Zohal Fazel Ali '14.

A total of 20 posters were presented by students from various areas of research, including drug discovery, pharmacy practice and curriculum outcomes research. The symposium gave students a chance to practice presenting their methods, results and findings to an audience of peers and professors before presenting at national conferences. Dr. John Livesey, Associate Professor and Chair of Physiology and Pharmacology and faculty judge explains, "I was impressed with the overall effort and results and the high degree of professionalism exhibited here. It's good to see these efforts and I'm honored to assist in supporting and recognizing the achievements of the students. Every one of these abstracts is work of which the authors can be proud." Through this symposium, the committee hopes to showcase the diverse responsibilities, clinical expertise, and leadership that pharmacists can contribute in a multitude of settings.

At the end of the symposium, three awards were granted: Excellence in Research, Best Poster Presentation, and Audience Favorite Award. Renae Minnema '14 and Radha Changela '14 received the award for Outstanding Poster Presentation. Aaron Tran '14, Lana Nguyen '14, Susan Deng '14, Kelly Chen '14, and Jodi Ott '13 received the Research Excellence Award. Lastly, Lauren Epperson '14, Janine Lastimosa '14, Tien Tran '14, Vittoria Ledesma '14, Jerline Hsin '12 received the Audience Favorite Award.

The NCCCP Committee hopes to continue to host the PharmD Research Symposium annually and broaden the event to include physical therapy, speech-language pathology and dentistry student research.

The event wouldn't have been a success without the support and guidance of NCCCP's advisor, Dr. William Kehoe '95, and Dr. Rajul Patel '01, '06, whose Medicare Part D student researchers composed a large part of the presenters. Both of these faculty members have demonstrated throughout their involvement that leadership is not simply a title, but is shown through example and going above and beyond what is expected. Furthermore, the event wouldn't have been possible without the help and unwavering support of our judges, research faculty, and University staff.

By: Liz Van Zyl '14 and Christopher Joe '15