young children touch a cello held by a conservatory music education student during a music class in an elementary school

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Music Education at Pacific celebrates 100% placement for 2013 graduates

Oct 28, 2013

The Music Education program at Pacific's Conservatory of Music has achieved a 100% placement rate of their graduates for more than 16 years.  The current Music Education program director, Ruth Brittin, along with Dr. Eric Hammer and the conservatory faculty have been able to keep up this amazing placement trend by properly preparing our graduates for careers in the education field.  The Music Education program prepares students by using a hybrid of music classes, education classes, and an effective student-teaching program.  In addition, our faculty guide students through to the next step in their career; whether that be a teaching position or moving on to graduate school. 

A 100% placement rate means that all graduates in the Music Education department have secured employment in teaching or full time performance positions, or have been accepted into graduate school.  Students find opportunities through their own research, but many come as recommendations from our faculty; often times our graduates are faced with many opportunities. 

"We get many calls asking for our graduates to apply in the fall semester," admits Dr. Brittin, "and we must tell them, regretfully, all our graduates have taken positions but we will have a new group in May!"  

The teaching positions our graduates accept range from high school band to elementary school general music.  The prospects for our graduates are numerous as they are prepared to teach in a variety of focuses, age groups and ensemble types depending on their preference. While we do have graduates that teach all over the U.S. in places like Colorado, Oregon, Massachusetts, and New York, we have found a large pool of our graduates stay within California. Recent graduates have accepted teaching positions in local areas such as Lake Tahoe, Napa, San Francisco, and Sacramento.  We are proud to say our graduates often receive awards like Teacher of the Year, and frequently come back to University of the Pacific to participate in festivals, classes, and other outreach activities. 

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