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Noteworthy - October 21, 2013

Oct 28, 2013

College of the Pacific

Grow Food, Cook Food, Share FoodKen Albala, History, had his latest book, Grow Food, Cook Food, Share Food: Perspectives on Eating from the Past and a Preliminary Agenda for the Future, published by Oregon State University Press.. The book is based on a series of lectures he gave at the Corvallis campus last fall. 

Students mentored by Qinliang Zhao, Chemistry, presented the following posters at 44th American Chemical Society Western Regional Meeting in San Jose, Calif.:

        • Yi-Ju Tsai '13 presented the posters "Unusual Zn Clusters Supported by Formamidinates" and "Monometallic Complexes Supported by Ligands with Excessive Basic Centers" 
        • Carolyn Tran-Math '14 presented the posters "Exploring Metal-Containing Monomers for Material Development" and "Synthesis and Characterization of Metal-Containing Polymers"
        • Angelique Cao Minh '15 presented the poster "Characterization of Derivatized Cyclams and Their Applications in Metallation" 

School of International Studies

Superlative CityAhmed Kanna, Anthropology, School of International Studies, edited the book The Superlative City: Dubai and the Urban Condition in the Early 21 Century, published by Harvard University Press/Harvard Graduate School of Design.  His peer reviewed articles "‛A Group of Like-Minded Lads in Heaven': Everydayness and the Production of Dubai Space" and "Arab Cities in the Neoliberal Moment" (coauthored with Najib Hourani), published in the Journal of Urban Affairs. He also was an invited discussant on the topic of "Neoliberalism and the Consumer City" at the Georgetown University Center for International and Regional Studies at in Qatar.


Bruce La Brack, Emeritus, was an invited guest at the Ghadar Centennial Conference 1913: Interpreting Ghadar, Echoes of Voices Past, held at the Centre for Indo-Canadian Studies at the University of the Fraser Valley in Abbotsford, British Columbia.

Sarah M. Mathis, Anthropology, School of International Studies, had the article "From War Leaders to Freedom Fighters: Violence in Umbumbulu in the Waning Days of Apartheid in South Africa," published in the Oxford Journal African Affairs.

School of Engineering and Computer Science

Said Shakerin, Mechanical Engineering, gave a presentation on "Art with Fluid Mechanics" to the Armchair Traveler Program at S. J. Delta College. The presentation included 40 images exhibiting complexity and beauty of a variety of fluid motion captured by scientists and artists from several countries.


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