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Noteworthy - October 7, 2013

Oct 7, 2013

College of the Pacific

Biology Professor Ryan Hill

Ryan Hill, Biology, is a co-researcher on a five-year, $2 million collaborative grant from the National Science Foundation through the Dimensions in Biodiversity Program. The collaboration will investigate the biological mechanisms that drive biodiversity in a broad family of butterflies that range from the United States to South America. The project aims to reveal if diversification can be explained by the number of interactions a species has with other species over time (biotic interaction), which is thought to accelerate adaptation. Researchers from five different institutions will conduct comprehensive field and genetic studies on the evolutionary mechanisms that cause variations in wing color, vision, smell and taste-traits that reflect adaptation to diverse environmental and biological interactions-in American Limenitidini butterflies. In the face of mass extinctions due to human activity, new insights into how species evolve could be more valuable than ever. Hill's project is titled "Dimensions: Collaborative Research: Connecting the proximate mechanisms responsible for organismal diversity to the ultimate causes of latitudinal gradients in species richness."

Keisuke Jimmy Juge, Physics, gave a Lattice Seminar Talk, "The Stochastic LapH Algorithm," at K.E.K. in Japan.

Sharmila King, Economics, will have her article "The Effects of Off-Balance Sheet Lending and Monetary Policy Outcomes in the U.S." published in the British Journal of Economics, Management, and Trade.  

Chemistry Professor Jianhua RenJianhua Ren, Chemistry, was awarded $351,500 by The National Science Foundation for the research project "Conformational Effects on the Gas-Phase Acidities of Biopolymers."  

Caroline T. Schroeder, Religious and Classical Studies, was accepted to participate in the NEH Digital Humanities Institute on Data Curation at the University of Maryland.  

School of International Studies

Bruce La Brack, Emeritus, participated in American Field Service-International's  Educational Advisory Council meetings and was an invited research scholar at the Fourth Forum on Intercultural Learning and Exchange on the topic "Assessing Intercultural Learning Student Exchanges: Exploring Evidence of Success." He facilitated a day-long session on a series of case studies/debates about which current assessment approach appears most effective and appropriate for evaluating study abroad. All events were convened at the Intercultura Center in Colle di Val d'Elsa (Tuscany, Italy), sponsored by the Fondazione Intercultura, EFIL (European Federation for Intercultural Learning) and AFS Intercultural Programs.    

Pacific McGeorge School of Law

Harriet ZookHarriet Zook, Library, was named as one of two recipients of the 2013 WestPac Distinguished Member Award. WestPac is a chapter of the American Association of Law Libraries with members from all across the Western and Pacific regions of the United States and Canada. The Distinguished WestPac Member Award recognizes a history of service to the Chapter or exceptional service and/or achievements in the profession. 

Monica Sharum, Library, has been invited by Thomson Reuters to join their Westlaw Fall 2013 Advisory Board. The Advisory Board is composed of members from law schools and large law firms across the country and meets annually at West's head office in Minnesota to provide input on how Westlaw can better prepare law students for the practice of law.  

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