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Rideshare Week Oct. 7-11

Lots of Great Ride Share and Carpool Opportunities!
Sep 27, 2013

Ride Share Registration will be 11-1 p.m. on Wednesday, October 2, in front of DeRosa University Center. By pledging to rideshare instead of driving alone at least one day during the week of October 7-11, commuters are eligible for up to $500 in prizes, including a Nexus 7 tablet.

Online Individual Registrations Here! Or pick one up on October 2. Completed forms can be sent to benefits@pacific.edu or faxed to 209.235.0601.

Get Preferred Parking by Carpooling
Tired of paying for gas and searching for a parking place? Consider the benefits of carpooling. You can make new friends, spare precious resources, save money on gas and get preferred parking spaces.


CARPOOL: Register your carpool with Commute Connection and you will be able to use the University's designated "Carpool, Vanpool Parking Only" spaces on campus. To register, complete a Carpool Registration Form (Even if you have already completed one in the past. New Carpool Registrants will also be eligible for a $50 gas card!)  Enjoy Preferred Parking! (Preferred Parking subject to availability, and can be used only on days when carpooling. For details, read Stockton parking policies.


  • Complete a Carpool Registration Form ($50 incentive does not apply unless you have a carpool.)
  • List in Backup Driver/Ride  the type of Car (Make Model and Year) that qualifies as a Fuel Efficient Vehicle (FEV) See listing.
  • Sign and date the form and BRING to Human Resources for your pass (do NOT send to Commute Connection)
  • Display pass along with your Pacific Parking Permit so it is visible.

Vehicles must park in the designated permit section (ie. "A" Permits in "A" Stalls and "B" Permits in "B" Stalls, et cetera). Preferred Parking is subject to availability, and pass may be used only on days when carpooling or driving a FEV. Violations are subject to citation. It does NOT replace an appropriate Pacific Parking Permit. All Pacific Parking Rules apply.

Sacramento Campus

For information on carpooling or alternative transportation (walk/bike/mass transit) at McGeorge, contact Sacramento Human Resources. For information on parking at Sacramento, visit Parking Information.

San Francisco Campus

In partnership with 511 and SFEnvironment.org, the dental school is offering a free ridesharing program — a matchlist of potential carpool, vanpool and bicycle partners in your area. Benefits of enrolling in the program include:

  • Ability to use the carpool lanes
  • Shared costs of gas and tolls
  • Reduced commute stress
  • Flexible and customizable to your schedule
  • Help reduce pollutants in the environment
  • Meet new people who work at the dental school

For additional carpool and ridesharing information on the San Francisco campus, visit San Francisco Campus Carpool Parking.