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Tiger Women's Tennis Opens Up Fall Play At Cal Nike Invitational

Sep 28, 2013

The Pacific women's tennis team opened up the fall season with action at the Cal Nike Invitational on Friday, Sept. 27.

Tiger freshmen Cristina Saenz de Buruaga Ruiz and Francis Dean each opened up with wins in the ITA White Singles Round of 32. Junior Gergana Boncheva won in the Round of 16 in the White Singles Round of 16, after getting a bye in the first round. Dean also picked up a victory in the Round of 16. In the Blue Singles Round of 32, junior Iveta Masarova advanced with a 6-4, 6-3 win, falling in the Round of 16. 

Junior Hana Ritterova and Masarova picked up a win in the ITA Blue Doubles Round of 16, advancing to the Round of 8 on Saturday. 

"Today, both freshman kicked off their Tiger career with quite the roar," said Head Coach Charlotte Scatliffe. "I've been pushing the team to their limits and it was inspiring to see both freshmen take it to their opponents in upperclassman fashion. We come to these tournaments to play a lot of quality tennis and that is what we got today. Coming out 6-5 in these singles matches with the 14 other talented teams marks a good first day and has given everyone a lot of momentum heading into day two."

Cal Nike Invitational Results (Berkeley, Calif.)

ITA Blue Singles -- Round of 32

PAC Iveta Masarova d. USF Sofia Holmberg  6-4;6-3

SC Katie Le[4] d. PAC Hana Ritterova  6-3;7-5

ITA Blue Singles -- Round of 16

CAL Zsofi Susanyi[1] d. PAC Iveta Masarova  6-2;6-2


ITA Blue Singles Consolations -- Round 1

SM Danielle Flores d. PAC Hana Ritterova  6-3;0-6;1-0(9)

ITA Blue Doubles -- Round of 16

PAC Hana Ritterova - PAC Iveta Masarova d. SJ Gaelle Rey - SJ Marie Klocker  8-2

ITA White Singles -- Round of 32

PAC Francis Dean d. MAR VanessaFoltinger  6-2;6-3

PAC C.SaenzDeBuruaga d. SJ Justine Deleval  6-3;6-0

SM Liz Searl d. PAC Regina Suarez  6-4;7-6(6)

ITA White Singles -- Round of 16

PAC Gergana Boncheva d. SJ Tipper Truong  6-2;6-2

PAC Francis Dean d. SC Elaine Chesoni  6-0;6-0

USF Thyra Taune d. PAC C.SaenzDeBuruaga  6-2;6-3

ITA White Doubles -- Round of 16

SJ Julianna Bacelar - SJ Justine Deleval d. PAC Gergana Boncheva - SJ Tipper Truong  8-0

SB Luisa Ortiz - SB Stacy Yam d. PAC C.SaenzDeBuruaga - PAC Regina Suarez  8-3

ITA Gold Singles -- Round of 32

SB Priscilla Garcia[7] d. PAC ChrstianaFerrari  6-2;4-6;7-6(6)

ITA Gold Singles Consolations -- Round 1

PAC ChrstianaFerrari d. NEV ShMoralesHidalgo  3-6;7-6(6);1-0(6)

ITA Gold Doubles -- Round of 16

NEV MichelOkhremchuk[2] - NEV Sheila Smiley[2] d. PAC ChrstianaFerrari - PAC Francis Dean  8-4

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