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Donate unwanted textbooks to the Bridge to Asia Project

May 5, 2014

The Emeriti Society and Support Services will be collecting donations for the Bridge to Asia from May 12 to July 31. 

The Bridge to Asia collects academic and scholarly books, monographs, data bases, syllabi, lecture notes, newsletters, conference proceedings, teaching aids, sheet music, maps, audiotapes, and course exams in English and other languages and transports them to warehouses in China where college faculty can select materials for their programs at colleges in Asia. They service more than 1,000 universities from Shanghai to Tibet.  In fields in which currency matters, they request that items be dated from 1995 forward.  They do not want computer books keyed to specific systems, 'life-style books' (personal development, cookbooks, pet care, New Age), and books that proselytize a religion or political view.  Since 2013 they no longer are accepting scholarly journals.

The Support Services Department is providing a collection area in Pacific Mail Services area.  The mailroom staff will receive your materials, pack them and send them to the warehouse in Hayward. You may notice donation boxes in the classroom hallways beginning the week of April 14. These were advertised for student use but obviously faculty and can use them as well; they will remain in the hallways until July 31.

If you want to do your own packing here are the instructions:

  • Use sturdy cartons and pack them solidly (loosely packed boxes may burst during shipping)
  • Stack your books on their sides like bricks, at both ends of the carton. Please do not pack them on their spines.
  • Fill spaces with newspaper or small paperbacks
  • Tape the carton shut, label the carton with your name, and address it to Bridge to Asia, MEB Distributing, 25014 VIKING ST., HAYWARD, CA 94545-2704
  • If you are sending multiple cartons, please label them 1/X, 2/X, etc.
  • Deliver to the Mailroom

If you would like to have a receipt for tax purposes, place your name and address on a record sheet at the Mailroom together with the description of your donation. Once the books have been received at the warehouse, we will request that the Foundation send you a receipt.

Note: The Foundation is not permitted to help with appraisals. Some donors have used book prices from Amazon.com or ItsDeductible Online in TurboTax and others have claimed $1 per book or item. Be aware that the IRS knows that faculty receive gratis copies of textbooks from publishers and frowns on tax deduction credits for those texts.

The Emeriti Society wishes to thank the University administration and especially Scott Heaton and Support Services staff for their support of the project.

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