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McGeorge Community Garden

What started as a grassy patch behind a pool has finally grown into a community garden for the McGeorge School of Law. Members of the Environmental Law Society began with an idea of having a community garden for students. Many students live on campus or in apartments in the area and are unable to grow their own gardens due to leasing.  The garden can also be considered a study break, a place to get away from reading for class and prepping for final exams.

For others, it began with an idea to bring the local community that surrounds McGeorge together with the students. According to Jay, a current night student at McGeorge, "We saw two unique possibilities with the garden. First, we envisioned that it would be a nice platform for students to engage with the community around the campus, not just with other students and campus administration. Secondly, it is valuable for students studying law to be able to escape during a break and connect back with nature." "Law school can be difficult and the garden offers an opportunity to briefly step away from from all that."

There has been considerable student interest in not just obtaining plots but also helping with community, Oak Park and the local Food Bank. The school administration has been extremely helpful and supportive the entire way.

Finally, the Environmental Law Society plans on a showcase plot which will include culinary herbs, medicinal herbs, edible flowers, and more. ELS plans on obtaining a few fruit trees, as well as having an area set aside for sweet corn and tomatoes.


October 2010

October 2010

Compost Bin

Compost Bin

Shed Area

Shed Area

AmeriCorps Workers


AmeriCorps Workers Quotes:

Anna, "I like that you are offering options, raised beds or non-raised beds."

Ben, "I was surprised to see such a large garden for a law school"



January 2011

Garden Workers

Garden Party - February 2011

Garden Party

Garden Party - February 2011

 Amy watering

June 2011