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Get Involved

There are lots of ways to get involved with Sustainability at Pacific. Students, faculty, staff and community members are invited to get involved through a variety of opportunities. From student organizations, to Sustainability Month programs and activities, to the Sustainability Project Investment Fund there are a lot of ways to get involved! Check out a few highlighted below besides those listed on the left. 


Looking to make some new friends, get involved on campus and enjoy the environment? An easy and fun way to get involved is by joining a student organization.

If you are looking for a more academic setting, check out some available classes that highlight sustainability.

If you are not looking to join an organization and/or take a class but want to learn how to make positive changes through small changes, then check out our Sustainable Living page. We have lots of suggestions to make large impacts through small changes!

Faculty & Staff

Apply for funds for a sustainable project through the Sustainability Project Investment Fund (SPIF) found here.

Have your office become Green Office Certified. Be part of our pilot program of six offices who will become Green Office Certified by Spring 2015!

Desire to know more about sustainability and Sustaining Pacific? Consider joining our Sustainability Committee.

Love to make a positive impact for yourself and others? Consider becoming a Building Recycling Captain for your area and help with any necessary communications between co-workers and Sustaining Pacific and Physical Plant. 


Take a tour of our Ted and Chris Robb Garden. It's easy - just request a few times and dates and we will coordinate with you to give a tour. Everyone is also invited to join us at our weekley Wednesday Market Day held in the DeRosa University Center from 11 am - 2 PM.

Have you heard of Boggs Tract Community Farm? If not, take a look here. Boggs Tract is always looking for volunteers and new faces.