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Green Office Certification Program

Pacific's Green Office Certification Program is a framework for implementing and assimilating sustainable workspaces. The program serves as an opportunity for offices to maintain Pacific's commitment to sustainability. Participating the Green Office Certification Programs demonstrates responsible leadership and is a pragmatic response to addressing environmental and social issues.

The certification is implemented as follows:

  1. Offices voluntarily fill out the Green Office Certification Excel Spreadsheet. Send completed spreadsheet to Kendra Bruno, Sustainability Coordinator at kbruno@pacific.edu
    • Scores are tallied automatically
  2. Certified offices will receive a window cling showing certified status (gold, silver, green)
  3. A volunteer sustainability officer will schedule a day to walk through and verify status.
  4. Upon verification and level of certification the office may also receive:
    • Gold: Calaveras Coffee Cup subscriptions and Eco-Clam Subscriptions
    • Silver: Eco-Clam subscriptions
    • Green: Recognition sticker only