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The Ted and Chris Robb Garden

Ted and Chris Robb Garden 

People will notice upon return to campus from the holiday that physical work on the Robb Garden expansion and Bon Appetit Native Garden are underway!

These new developments have been made possible by generous gifts from Pacific Regent Walter Robb and the Bon Appetit Management Company.  They build on the inspiring work in the garden over the past two years by students, staff, faculty, and community members.  And they have grown from detailed and visionary input on plants, materials, and design from faculty in almost a dozen departments.  See plans attached for current working documents.

We are excited to have these developments underway and look forward to a garden area almost double in size in Spring!

Expansion 1 filter    Robb Garden Expansion Beginnings 2 filter   Expansion 2 boulders

Highlights of U-Pick 2013:

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