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Pacific Garden Program
Wendell Phillips Center, Room 99
Dr. Patty A. Gray
Garden Program Director
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211


University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, California 95211

What are We Growing?

The Robb Garden grows three main crops per year: fall, spring, and summer.  In general, seeds are planted in flats and raised for 4 - 6 weeks in the University of the Pacific greenhouse, and are then transplanted into the garden beds.  For fall crops, seeds are planted in late summer and transplanted in early September.  Seeds for spring crops are planted in December and January and transplanted in early February.  Seeds of summer crops are planted in March and transplanted in April or May.  Harvests occur during most of the year.  Timing of crop plantings and harvests are synchronized with the semesters, so that students can be involved as much as possible. Currently, the garden is going under change as the community aspect of the garden is more prevalent replacing the system fueled by research students. The image below depicts the upcoming expansion details.

Locations of Crops in Garden

Seed Supplier List

    Garden Produce

Robb Garden Crop List (Past and Present)  


Alliaceae (Onion family):
Elephant (common)
Soft-neck Garlic (Early White)

Poaceae (Grass Family): 
Barley (Purple Hulless)
Corn (Dakota Black popcorn)
Oat (Hulless)
Rye (common)
Sudan Grass
Wheat (Glenn, Maris Widgeon)


Apiaceae (Carrot Family):
Carrots (Chantenay, Juwarot, Purple Dragon, Scarlet Nantes, Solar Yellow)

Asteraceae (Sunflower Family):
Lettuce (Ashley, Ben Shemen, Bronze Arrowhead, Brown Goldring, Buttercrunch, Cherokee, Crisp Mint, Grand Rapids, Helvius, Jericho, Magenta, Mascara, May Queen, Mayan Jaguar, Merlot, Mottistone, Nancy, Nevada, Pablo, Parris Island Romaine, Red Leprechaun, Rhapsody, Rouge d'Hiver, Salade de Russie, Sea of Red, Sweet Valentine, Teide, Tennis Ball, Winter Density)

Brassicaceae (Mustard Family):
Arugula (Astro, Tuscan)
Asian Greens (Nabana Autumn Torch, Tokyo Bekana Choy Sum Flower Nabana, Hiroshimana, Joi Choi, Kailaan China Legend, Kailaan Blue Wonder, Kailaan Southern Blue, Komatsuna Sharaku, Komatsuna Tokyo Early, Mibuna, Mizuna Mustard Ruby Streaks, Pac Choi Takii Green, Pac Choi Pai-Tsai, Pac Choi White, Purple Pac Choi, Red Choi, Senposai, Tatsoi, Yokatta-na, Yu Choy Spring Express, Yu-Tsai-Sum, Zen Hybrid
Broccoli (Early Dividend, Flash, Goliath, Green Magic, Piricicaba, Waltham)
Broccoli Rabe (Super Rapini)
Cabbage (Blue Thunder, Charmant, Copenhagen Market)
Cauliflower (First White Hybrid, Fremont)
Collards (Champion, Even' Star Land Race, Flash, Georgia Southern, Green Glaze, High-Crop, Variegated, Vates)
Field Mustard (Braco)
Kale (Beedy's Camden, Fizz, Lacinato, Lark's Tongue, Madeley, Red Chidori, Red Russian, Redbor, Siberian, Sutherland, White Russian, Winterbor)
Kohlrabi (Early Purple Vienna, Superschmeltz, Winner)
Radish (Cherry Belle, D'Avignon, Easter Egg, French Breakfast, Petit Dejeuner, Pink Punch, Red Head, Sparkler, White Icicle, Zlata)
Turnip (Purple Top White Globe, Scarlet Ohno)
Tyfon Holland Greens

Chenopodiaceae (Goosefoot Family):
Beets (Bull's Blood, Chioggia, Mona Lisa, Pacemaker III, Ruby Queen)
Chard (Fordhook Giant, Perpetual Spinach)
Orach (Double Purple)

Cucurbitaceae (Gourd Family):
Cucumber (Lemon, Marketmore 76, Tasty Green)
Summer Squash (Raven zucchini)
Watermelon (Amish Moon and Stars, Cream of Saskatchewan, Golden Midget, Orangeglo, Strawberry)
Winter Squash (Jarrahdale, North Georgia Candy Roaster, Rouge vif d'Estampes, South African Gem, Wyatt's Wonder)

Fabaceae (Pea Family):
Clover (Red)
Common Bean (Brockton Horticultural, Cherokee Trail of Tears, Emerite, Good Mother Stallard, Hidatsa Shield Figure, Mayflower, Rattlesnake, Speckled Cranberry, True Red Cranberry, Turkey Craw, Withner's White Cornfield)
Fava Beans (Broad Windsor)
Garbanzo Bean (Tan)
Peas (Alderman, Sugar Snap, Super Sugar Snap, Mammoth Melting Sugar snow peas, Oregon Giant snow peas)
Vetch (common)
Yard-long Bean (Red Noodle)

Malvaceae (Mallow Family):
Okra (Clemson Spineless)

Solanaceae (Nightshade Family):
Eggplant (Japanese, Millionaire, Orient Express)
Pepper (Anaheim, Bell Boy, Bianca, Biscayne, Boris, Bulgarian Carrot, Bull Nose, Butch T, California Wonder, Canary Bell, Carmen, Carolina Reaper, Colossal, Cubanelle, Early Hungarian Sweet, El Jefe, Feherozon Paprika, Flexum, Gamba, Ghost, Gypsy, Keystone Resistant Giant, King Arthur, King of the North, Melrose, Merlot, Olympus, Orange and Red Suave, Orange Bell, Planet, Padron, Peacework, Red Morouga Scorpion, Revolution, Serrano, Snapper, Sweet Banana, Sweet Chocolate, Tula, Whitney)
Tomatillo (Milpero)
Tomato (1884, Abraham Lincoln, African Queen, Amana Orange, Amy's Apricot, Ananas Noire, Arkansas Traveler, Aunt Ginny's, Aussie, Big Ben, Big Rainbow, Black, Black Krim, Black Prince, Black Sea Man, Bonita Ojo, Brandywine Sudduth's Strain, Burpee's Long Keeper, Caspian Pink, Celebrity, Cherokee Purple, Cuore de Toro, Dad's Sunset, Dinner Plate, Dixie Golden Giant, Fantastic Hybrid, Fireworks, Fourth of July, Georgia Streak, Giant Belgium, Golden Currant, Heatmaster, Heatwave II, Hillbilly, Hungarian Heart, Indigo Rose, Japanese Oxheart, Juliet, Katana, Kentucky Beefsteak, Kobe Beefsteak, Lake, Lilian's Yellow Heirloom, Magnum, Mammoth German Gold, Marizol Purple, Mavritanskite, Mexico, Momotaro, Mortgage Lifter, Mountain Magic, Mountain Princess, Mr. Stripey, Mr. Underwood's Pink German Giant, New Hampshire Surecrop, Orange Oxheart, Orange Russian 117, Oregon Spring, Paul Robeson, Peche, Persimmon, Pineapple, Pink Brandywine, Polbig, Polish, Porterhouse, Red Brandywine, Red Lightning, Red Zebra, Riesentraube, Ruby Gold Bicolor, Russian 117, Santiam, Sarah Purple, Silvery Fir Tree, Sokolades, Soldacki, Starfire, Stupice, Suncherry Extra Sweet, Sungold, Sunsugar, SuperSauce Hybrid, Sweet Million, Tess's Land Race, Thessaloniki, Tidwell German, Tye-Dye Hybrid, Vintage Wine, Virginia Sweets, Wins All, Yellow Brandywine, Yellow Pear, Zarnitsa)

Robb Garden Flower/Herb List (Past and Present)


Amaranthaceae (Amaranthus family):
Amaranth (Burgundy, Ellen's Purple)

Asteraceae (Sunflower family):
Calendula (Flashback, Kablouna, Maya Orange, Zeolite)
Cobweb Thistle
Indian Blanket
Joe Pye Weed
Marigold (Summer Splash)
Sunflower (Lemon Queen, Titan)
Zinnia (Apricot Blush, Berry Basket, Cool Crayon, Cut and Come Again, Green Envy, Hot Crayon, Little Lion, Persian Carpet, Pop Art Red and Yellow, Raggedy Ann)

Boraginaceae (Borage family):
Baby Blue Eyes
California Bluebell
Common Fiddleneck 
Five Spot
Tansy Phacelia

Campanulaceae (Bellflower family):
Great Blue Lobelia

Cleomaceae (Cleome family):
Cleome (Queen Mix)

Fabaceae (Pea family):
Arroyo Lupine
Sweet Pea (Royal Family Mix)

Lamiaceae (Mint family):
Basil (Aromato, Italian Genovese, Italian Sweet, Mrs. Burns Lemon, Queenette, Spice Boys Cinnamon, Sweet Dani Lemon)
Bells of Ireland
Culinary Sage
Lavender (Fern-leaf, Hidcote, Munstead)

Malvaceae (Mallow family):
Hollyhock (Indian Summer)
Mauritiana Hollyhock

Papaveraceae (Poppy family):
California Poppy

Plantaginaceae (Plantago family):
Chinese Houses

Scrophulariaceae (Figwort family):
California Bee Plant

Tropaeolaceae (Nasturtium family):
Nasturtium (Empress of India