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Pacific Garden Program
Communication Building, Room 4
Dr. Patty A. Gray
Garden Program Director
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

Who's in the Garden?

Garden Program Director

Patty Gray Dr. Patty A. Gray joined Pacific as Garden Program Director in July 2016. She has a PhD in Anthropology and is a Certified UC Master Gardener in San Joaquin County. Although her academic career took her to Russia, Germany, Alaska and Ireland, Dr. Gray has deep roots in California's Central Valley, having first moved to Sacramento in 1969. You can learn more about her background at

2016-17 Student Garden Coordinators

The Pacific Garden Program is able to employ five awesome Student Garden Coordinators thanks to generous funding from the Student Life division at Pacific (we are grateful!). Each SGC is assigned a section of the Robb Garden as well as a section of the fruit orchard to maintain in good order, monitoring the plants for insect pests and signs of disease. They also carry out a variety of tasks in the garden, and serve as front-line Ambassadors for the garden with volunteers and visitors, as well as at tabling events around campus. The Garden Program could not function without them!

Cheyanne Harris works in the Robb Garden

Cheyanne Harris

Cheyanne has used her civil engineering skills to draft up Auto CAD drawings of our planned Garden Program structures.

  • Graduation year: 2017
  • Hometown: Sacramento, CA
  • Major: Civil Engineering; Minor: Japanese
  • Why work in the garden? I spent a summer volunteering with an urban farming organization in Oakland and discovered how therapeutic gardening is. I figured working in Pacific's garden would be a nice stress reliever.

Shannon Lucas (Vice-President, Robb Garden Club)

Shannon specializes as our Outreach Coordinator, and was key in reviving the Robb Garden Club.

  • Graduation Year: 2019
  • Hometown: Modesto, CA
  • Major: Speech-Language Pathology
  • Why work in the garden? I love spending time in nature. I also want to learn an abundance of information about organic gardening.

Laura Navarro in her garden quadrant

Laura Navarro

Laura is our artisan in soil, digging picture-perfect garden beds.

  • Graduation Year: 2020
  • Hometown: Castro Valley, CA
  • Major: Environmental Science
  • Why work in the garden? The garden is amazing! I love working with the plants and helping everything grow.

Sam Salas

Sam stewards the strawberry patch, and has a key eye for interesting garden insects.

  • Graduation Year: 2018
  • Hometown: Pleasant Hill, CA
  • Major: Engineering Physics
  • Why work in the garden? I really wanted to be outside a little more and the garden is a really calming and enjoyable environment that I enjoy working in. 

Valeriy Shipilov works in the Robb Garden

Valeriy Shipilov (President, Robb Garden Club)

Valeriy is finding the green thumb he never knew he had...

  • Graduation year: 2022.
  • Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
  • Major: Pre-Pharmacy (3+3)
  • Why work in the garden? I joined the garden program to learn about gardening and learn how to do so, and to gain work experience as it is my first job. 

Past Student Garden Coordinators

Ethan Castro, Coordinator of Marketing and Business Ethan Castro
  • Graduates 2017
  • Role: Past Garden Marketing and Business Coordinator
  • From Claremont, California
  • Major: Music Management
  • He has built planter boxes, grown artichokes, and even installed a sprinkler system

Jessica Robertson, Coordinator of Education and Garden Training
Jessica Robertson
  • Graduates 2017
  • Role: Past Garden Training and Education Coordinator
  • From Torrance, California
  • Major: Environmental Studies
  • Volunteered at a marsh preserve with the task of maintaining the grounds and also spends a month every summer as a camp counselor for Pilgrim Pines camp

Nainesh Taylor, Coordinator of Planting and Grounds
Nainesh Tailor
  • Graduated 2015
  • Role: Past Garden Planting and Grounds Coordinator
  • From Orlando, Florida
  • Major: Pre-Dental (2+3)
  • Has gardened with his family all of his life, and has grown chilis and Japanese plums in his yard back home

Past Research Students supervised by Dr. Mark Brunnell (listed in alphabetical order)

Matt Bertken
  • Graduated 2015
  • From San Mateo, California 
  • Major: Environmental Sciences
  • Interest stemmed from mother's garden and fascination with the outdoors. Dr. Brunell's California Flora course sealed the deal to work in the garden.

Megan Fong
  • Graduated 2015
  • From Sunnyvale, California 
  • Major: Pre-Dental (3+3)
  • Ate her whole parents' garden when she was a child

Daniel Na

Kevin Ha
  • Graduated 2016
  • From Elk Grove, CA
  • Major: Biological Sciences
  • Likes throwing snails outside the garden so they do not eat the crops.

Ariadna Hernandez

Ariadna Hernandez
  • Graduated 2014
  • From Stockton, California
  • Major: Environmental Sciences
  • Has been working in the Robb Garden as a research student since 2012 and was inspired to begin volunteering after taking Dr. Mark Brunell's California Flora course her junior year


Crystal Lee
  • Graduated 2015
  • From Diamond Bar, California 
  • Major: Pre-Dental (3+3)
  • Loves sunflowers a lot and wants to eventually learn how to have a whole garden of them


Emily Marien
  • Graduated 2015
  • From Pacific Grove, California 
  • Major: Pre-Pharmacy and Biology
  • Loves seeing small seeds grow into something beautiful

Traci Mori

Traci Mori
  • Graduated 2015
  • From Fremont, California 
  • Major: Pre-Pharmacy and Biology
  • Favorite part about gardening is watching the plants grow

Daniel Na
Daniel Na 
  • Graduated 2014
  • From Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Major: Pre-Dentistry
  • Loves learning about the complex planning that goes on behind a garden. For example, you cannot plant tall plants eastward of smaller ones and you never want to plant fancy-looking gourds too close to the fence because people will jump over and steal your precious vegetables.

So Park

So Park
  • Year Graduated 2014
  • From Korea
  • Major: Pre-Dentistry
  • Favorite part about gardening is how she could harvest the fruit they had grown!

Morgan Sato
  • Graduated 2015
  • From Sacramento, California 
  • Major: Pre-Pharmacy (3+3)
  • Gardens with her mom in the backyard to try to work on fear of bugs

Daniel Na

Yunsik Sung
  • Graduated 2015
  • From Korea
  • Major: Pre-Dentistry
  • One of my favorite parts of gardening was getting to taste the harvest :)

Yun-Hsuan Wu
  • Graduated 2015
  • From Modesto, California 
  • Major: Pre-Dental
  • Family has a farm and her mom loves to plant different things