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Seminar I

Pacs cover Pacific Seminar 1 takes place in the first semester.

It is a shared intellectual experience with a uniform  syllabus and a common  course reader.

It introduces students to the question: "What is a Good Society?"

 Full cover (138 KB)

The course reader contains five chapters:

  1. College Learning: Perspectives on Experience and Knowledge  
  2. Self, Family, and Community: Relations Among Familiars and Neighbors
  3. Civil Society, Citizenship, and Governance: Relations Among Citizens Within a Nation
  4. Global Issues: Relations Across Borders

Students expand their beliefs about a good society through the process of critical thinking, which is developed by careful reading, intensive writing, and class discussion. Many sections will be linked to residence halls (‘learning communities’). Over forty sections are offered each fall with an average class size of 21 students.


  • Critical thinking about the nature of a good society
  • Extensive writing
  • Careful reading
  • Discussion