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HLA Teaching Staff

Ed Doell, English InstructorEd Doell, English Instructor

Ed Doell received advanced degrees at California State University, San Francisco with subsequent further research and study at the Univeristy of Arizona, Tucson and the University of California, Santa Cruz.  A career college and university educator, Ed is focused on the Humanities, the Arts, and Communication skills.  His academic and personal interests range from poetry, fiction, and cinema to mythology, photography, music, Central Asian ethnic textiles and clothing, and American antique audio.  Ed received the Alpha Gamma Sigma award for teaching excellence.


Kevin Webster, Mathematics & Problem-solving

Kevin is a Mechanical Engineering student in the Masters degree program at Pacific. Currently, he is involved on campus with Pi Kappa Alpha, Sigma Alpha Pi and Student Advising. Additionally, Kevin has been working in a management position at a small, local company for four years. With ties all throughout campus, he is looking forward to being able to expand his reach and help others by sharing his knowledge of and joy for mathematics.  He is currently completing a full-time internship at General Mills.


Dr. Gary MartinGary Martin, Director

Dr. Martin is an Assistant Dean at Pacific.  His background is in career counseling, emphasizing school-to-work, as well as student personal and professional development.