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First Dimension

Initiates a group/movement/organization on campus or beyond, to improve conditions in some way.

Jimmy Kraft and Shelly Zeiser created an A cappella group on campus.

Dimen Capstone 

In May, 2013 a team of Powell Scholars returned to Dimen, China to implement a pilot study of their original course for teaching English. The goal of the immersion course was to provide the children in the village with the opportunity to practice communicating orally with native speakers.  Specifically they wanted to gain the vocabulary needed to speak in basic terms with the tourists who visit Dimen. The original course focused on dialogue based on the village itself, and its people and culture.

Powell Scholar Laura Stewart, graduate of the Dugoni School of Dentistry, started a fraternity for pre-dental students.

Our fraternity is a completely original professional fraternity, Delta Nu Tau, founded on the common interests of Pre-Dental students at Pacific. It is similar to the other professional fraternities on campus (i.e. Pre-Pharmacy fraternities), but to my knowledge, it is the only one that is for Pre-Dental students.  In forming the organization, we focused on supporting younger/fellow students with aspirations in the dental field. The other Powell scholars who were also founders were Tarun Padmani, Ben Larsen, and Dhir Patel.

Graduates Audrey Puah (Civil Engineering) and Ester Linton (Pre-Dentistry) lead Pacific's  1000 Wells Campaign.

1 Billion people lack access to clean water. They drink from polluted lakes and streams where animal waste, human waste, and parasites infect the water.
Women and children walk 2 hours each way to fetch water (hauling dirty water back to their families.) They have no time or energy left for education or small business, and many of them die.  A study by the World Health Organization and UNICEF shows that almost 20% of sub-Saharan Africa relies on a water source that is over 30 minutes away.
Every DAY, 4000 children die of water-related diseases.  In Africa, 1.1 million people die every year of water related diseases. 

The 1000 Wells Project, exists to provide clean, safe, accessible, and sustainable water sources for those in sub-Saharan African communities through raising funds and awareness. The goal of the 1000 Wells Project is to build 1000 Wells in 1000 African communities. The specific goal of the 1000 Wells Campaign at Pacific is to raise enough money - about $6,000 - to build ONE of these wells.



The Powell Scholars, in cooperation with the Department of Visual Arts, were chosen to host an inaugural event in honor of President Pamela Eibeck. The event occurred on April 24, 2010