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Photoshop Elements: Digital Imaging in the Classroom

Online Course
2 graduate-level professional development units

Course Description: Learn how to use digital cameras, color scanners and images from the web to enhance and enliven classroom teaching and learning. You will leave this class prepared with practical ideas that you will be able to immediately apply in your classroom. Among the topics this course will explore are how digital cameras and scanners work, basic photo editing techniques using Adobe Photoshop Elements, and how to integrate the use of digital images into the curriculum. Through a variety of hands-on activities, you will develop the skills needed to effectively begin using digital images in your classroom. During this course, you will develop an instructional module/presentation, for your classroom, incorporating the use of digital images. This is an introductory course open to all K-12 teachers. You should have basic computer skills (e.g., word processing, email, basic Internet skills). You do not need Photoshop Elements on your home computer, you can download a free 30-day trial version of the software from Adobe in order to complete the class. You will need access to a digital camera and scanner during this class. You will also need access to the Internet and an email account. This class is open to either Macintosh or Windows PC users.

NOTE: This course is correlated with the national ISTE NETS (National Educational Technology Standards) and the No Child Left Behind Act.

Instructor: Stephen Zvolner
Cost: $279.00

About the Instructor: Stephen Zvolner, the instructor of these courses has an undergraduate degree in Secondary Education in Physics and a M.S. in Physics. He has spent 18 years in industry as a technologist and software developer. He has taught educational technology courses and workshops for the University of St. Thomas Graduate School of Education, as well as the Graduate School of Education at Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota. As an instructor at the graduate level, he has extensive experience with teaching adult learners about the use of digital media in the classroom. He helped found the Digital Media Lab at the University of St. Thomas and has been actively involved as a researcher investigating the use of emerging technologies such as streaming video and digital libraries in the classroom. He also served, via invitation, as a committee member on the state of Minnesota's Educational Technology Planning Committee where we were charged with developing the K-12 technology standards for the state of Minnesota. If you have any questions about course content, please email the instructor here ( If you have any questions about registration or transcription please contact CPCE.

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