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Certificate in Workplace Communication

5.6 CEUs  (Two courses are 1.6 CEUs and Conflict Management is 2.4 CEUs)           

Good communication in the workplace is more important than ever and critical to successful career advancement. Take back a workable conflict management model, along with successful and practical conflict management strategies.  Then work with a pro to learn how to improve your negotiation skills for a win-win outcome, including helping others to get what they want, so you get what you want.  Finally, find out more about yourself and others using personality profiles for better work performance. You will be learning from some of our more popular instructors, and taking away new how-to skills that work.

Courses included are:

Conflict Management
Feb. 3 - 28     $245     
Apr. 7 - May 2   $245

Negotiation: Get What You Want
Mar. 3 - 28   $195
May 5 - 30     $195

Using Personality Profiles for Better Work Performance
Apr. 7 - May 2      $295
Jun. 2 - 27          $295

Complete certificate    $595

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