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Inbound Marketing Certificate

4.8 CEUs (Each course is 1.6 CEUs)

More effective than outbound marketing, where you push sales messages to your potential customers; inbound marketing is a way to help potential customers find you through an organic search. It is a process of using your website in a way that attracts visitors naturally through search engines, the blogosphere, and social media. Discover how to attract customers to your site, what kind of content to share with them, how to use landing pages and forms to collect names and email address, and how to implement lead-nurturing campaigns that result in sales. 

Courses included are:

Introduction to Inbound Marketing 

Date: Sept. 2 - 26, 2014

Course Code: UCLP 032  $195

Content Marketing  

Date: Oct. 6 - 31, 2014

Course Code: UCLP 019  $195        

Advanced Inbound Marketing 

Date: Nov. 3 - 28, 2014

Course Code: UCLP 033  $195   


$495 for complete certificate  

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