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Critical Thinking

Introduction to Critical Thinking
1 Academic Unit $155
Come put your critical thinking skills to work! This fun and interactive course gives you background for understanding the role of applied reasoning and logic in problem solving. You'll be able to assess your own critical thinking aptitude while learning how to define critical thinking and identify what's been stopping you.

Course Code: XMDE 020

Developing Critical Thinking Skills
1 Academic Unit $155
What are the key critical thinking skills? How can you develop and master them? This interactive course will help you to effectively recognize issues, identify conclusions, weigh evidence, and evaluate arguments. You'll hone your new-found skills through a series of fun exercises. Come and develop those critical thinking muscles!
Prerequisite: Intro to Critical Thinking

 Course Code: XMDE 021

 Applying Critical Thinking in Practice
1 Academic Unit $155
How can critical thinking be applied to your life? You'll review the basics of problem solving, look at how critical thinkers apply their skills in different disciplines, and explore the role of analysis and evaluation and the connection to clear thinking and writing. Come learn how critical thinking can put you on the fast track to success!
Prerequisite: Intro to Critical Thinking

Course Code: XMDE 022

Each of these classes requires a textbook. There is one copy available in the Pacific library on reserve and one copy for check out. All courses must be completed within 6 months of start date.

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