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Beginning Pre-dentistry Micro-Sculpture

This popular multi-day workshop is an introductory three-dimensional course designed primarily for pre-dentistry students and current dentists designed to focus on fine-motor skill development, observation, and critical analysis. While primarily for dental students, this course is open to any student who is interested in developing three-dimensional related skills at the foundational level. Professor Trent Burkett will guide you through projects utilizing sculptural techniques using various media (plaster, clay) and hand tools for carving, planing, and sanding.

Instructor: Trent Burkett
Time: 10am-4pm


Student Testimonial:

"At the university, I pursued a diversified course of study, with classes ranging from digital photography to computer science. In my final semester, I was fortunate to take Micro Sculpting, an art class designed for the pre-dental students. I had never before been confident in my artistic abilities but this class posed an intriguing challenge to develop my fine motor skills and attention to detail. In our first project, we had to make a 1-inch cube from plaster, a deceptively intricate task that required extreme focus and concentration. Any slight movement of the tools altered the plaster; similar to the way a high-speed drill could change the surface of the tooth. Trying to get the perfect 90-degree angle while sanding the sides down to 1-inch was an arduous task, but my final product-a near perfect cube-filled me with joy.  Patience, hard work and dexterity are essential when working on such a small scale, but so is the love of working with our hands. I will take great pride not only in caring for my patients' oral health but also in giving them the confidence that comes with having restored, natural-looking teeth." - Emerald Khoo

For additional course specific information, please contact Professor Burkett at 209-946-3100

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