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Content Engineering Certificate Program


Content is key to business; the creation and optimization of that content is critical for your success. Five years ago it was common to divide the roles of content creation and business measurement into two different jobs, resulting in the classic left-brain vs. right-brain gap. However, times have changed and any enlightened business will tell you today that creativity without measurable business results is a waste of time. You have to produce quality, creative, and captivating content while increasing your bottom line -- and you have to do it with half the staff.

A content engineer is a marketer who creates and optimizes the many forms of content required to engage social customers, based on the data presented by reliable, available analysis tools. They listen to the customer - through all the newly available media - before crafting content. "Part creative right brain and part scientific left brain, content engineers live and breathe the new marketing math:  creativity without conversions = zero!"

Today, many businesses have created new roles such as chief revenue officer, chief digital officer, chief content officer, and content engineers to bridge the gap between creative technology and business analytics. If you're responsible for the digital content of your company, or perhaps you plan to be, this program has been designed to meet your needs. Guided by digital industry pioneers in conjunction with top university professors, this certificate is a groundbreaking effort created to combine multiple disciplines and to introduce you to new measurable ways to think about your business and the creation of your digital content.

*Please note that these are advanced courses. It is best if students have completed a Bachelor's Degree, or at least have completed their sophomore year in college, prior to enrolling.

The certificate program is broken down into two 8 week courses.

Course 1: Content Engineering: Content Research, Creation and Targeting

  • Intro to Content Engineering, Professional Writing Concepts
  • Web Content Topic Research
  • Understanding Web Traffic
  • Accurate, Useful and Targeted Content
  • Digital Video Production, YouTube 101
  • From Traditional Advertising Into the 21st Century
  • Social Media Marketing, Using Google Analytics
  • Advanced Video Production and Optimized YouTube Strategies

Cost: $995
Course Dates: Oct. 14- Dec. 8, 2013

Course 2: Content Engineering: Content Optimization and Analysis

  • Bringing Your Content and Analytics Up to Speed
  • The A/B Test for Content
  • The A/B Test for Marketing Campaigns
  • Developing Your Own Social Media Campaign
  • Experimenting with A/B Testing. Driving Web Traffic
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Advanced Google Analytics. Funnels and Conversion Goals
  • Trends in Web Content. Future Business Models for Web Content

Cost: $995 (Prereq: Course 1)
Course Dates: Feb. 10- Mar. 31, 2014

Certificate of Completion given with successful completion of both courses.

Curriculum Descriptions and Student Learning Outcomes