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Grant Writing and Management

Grants are constantly in the news announcing new awards in funding for Government, Private, and Non-Profit Organizations. Never in U.S. history has there been a time when our government has offered so much in grant funding. This money is meant for everyone and it's waiting to be used on worthy projects - just like yours!

The competition is fierce, on average only 15% of all grants are selected. Make sure your grant is in that 15%!

But does the thought of writing a grant have you running in fear? Does the concept feel overwhelming and confusing? You would be surprised how easy grant writing really can be - and we'll show you how! 

These two grant writing courses taught by Steve Larson, grants manager for the Port of Stockton and a 90% success rate, take a hands-on non-intimidating approach to writing a grant and winning it! 

This training is invaluable and will teach you proven and tested techniques to increasing your odds and winning that grant!

Introduction to Grant Writing

Grants Mangement