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Introduction to Implementing Green Workplaces

A greener workplace can provide substantial benefits to your organization's triple bottom line - people, planet and profits. By reducing the energy intensity of their buildings and materials demand and waste, green workplaces can save money and reduce their impact on the environment. Come discover the keys to making green workplaces a success for you and your organization. This course is suitable for those new to green workplaces or already working in a green space and interested in enhancing their knowledge of what makes it a green space. Includes a green workplace toolkit.

Course Outline

Unit 1
Introduction to Green Workplaces
EPA estimates we spend 90% of our time indoors
The advantages of green workplace for businesses
The advantages of green workplace for workers
Why the green workspace trend is growing

Unit 2
Planning the Transition to a Green Workplace
Discussing green workplaces within your organization
Facility, equipment, and policy requirements
Identifying low-hanging fruit
Developing a plan for transitioning to a green workplace
Redesigning your workplace for green

Unit 3
Implementing Green Workplaces
Securing and sustaining the commitment of all stakeholders
Measuring success and returns on investment - reinvestment of those returns
Continuous and constant effort strategies
Providing for accountability and reward

Unit 4
Issues in Green Workplaces
Best practices tool kit
Learning curve soft costs
Top 5 low cost/high return strategies
Key advanced strategies

Instructors: Pepper Smith and Kelly Gearhart
Course Dates: February 6-March 2 or April 4-27
Online Course

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