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Acquire the skills to navigate an extensive list of Photoshop features. You will gain both a foundational and advanced understanding of the popular software, and practice the most commonly used methods, such as managing text, working with layers, and image file properties. You will find out the purpose of each photo-editing tool and walk away with the skills to use them. You will even learn what the pros know.

Unit 1
-Opening files and creating a new file
-File properties: Resolution, mode and canvas vs. size
-Saving files: methods and formats
-Rulers, guides, and grids
-Navigating layers: Create, edit, blend, and mask

Unit 2
Basic tools
-Brushes, fill, and eraser
-Blur, smudge, clone, and heal
-Shapes and lines, introduction to vector graphics
-Adjustments and adjustment layers

Unit 3
Managing text
-Creating text: Font properties, alignment and color
-Text boxes and paragraph properties
-Character properties and spacing
-Vertical text and text effects

Unit 4
What the pros know
-Creating swatches
-Some filters are more useful than others
-Create your own shapes and brushes
-Save time with Photoshop actions

Instructor: Dan Hood
Course Dates: Oct. 7- Nov. 1
Online Course

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