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Successful Survey Techniques


Your customers hold the key to your organization’s success. Getting to know your customers better means lower costs and better results, including higher retention, more customer satisfaction, more returning customers.

Surveys are one of the best ways to find out what your customers want, and how they want it. But too many surveys ask the wrong people the wrong questions. Discover who to survey, what questions to ask, and the key to getting a higher response to your surveys.

This hard-hitting practical course will yield a huge ROI for your organization. Whether you need to analyze profitability, satisfaction, service or all three, this course will generate thousands of dollars in increased sales, greater efficiency, or more effectiveness. We guarantee it (or your money back)!

Course includes a personal FREE critique of one of your surveys!

Unit 1
Advanced Survey Techniques
-Getting to know your customers
-The 8-Stage Needs Assessment Model
-The increasing role of customers in your success
-How surveys can increase your success

Unit 2
Who to Survey, Who not to survey
-Who to survey
-Who not to survey
-Who are your best customers?
-Finding those to survey

Unit 3
Constructing a successful survey
-How many questions to ask
-Deciding what questions to ask
-Wording survey questions

Unit 4
Distributing Surveys, Increasing Response
-Getting the Survey Out, and Back
-Email and web site surveys
-Snail mail survey techniques
-How many surveys you need to get back

Instructor: William A. Draves
Course dates:  June 3-28, 2013
Online Course

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