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Twitter is a hot social media platform these days – and everyone seems to be using it. Learn the best way to take advantage of the unique opportunities Twitter offers – and discover the best ways to create relationships and network with your key constituents. You will find out the best – and easiest – techniques for successful interactions in the Twitterverse.

Unit One
How to Use Twitter
-Uniquess of Twitter
-Creating Tweets and messages
-Doing Research and information gathering with Twitter
-Integrating Twitter with other publicity

Unit Two
Developing relationships
-You’re it! How tagging people and sharing content keeps you relevant
-Why tagging people is better than direct messaging
-Developing relationships in the Twitterverse and why it’s important
-How to get retweeted

Unit Three
What lists can do for your online presence
-How to create and edit lists
-Getting others to share your lists
-Getting yourself listed on other Tweeters lists – and why you want this to happen

Unit Four
Your personal brand using Twitter
-Twitter as a networking tool
-How to create a personal brand using Twitter
-What not to do on Twitter
-Quantity versus quality – how to monitor and maintain your list of followers and who you are following

Instructor: Suzanne Kart
Course Dates: Sept. 3-27, 2013
Online Course

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