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Office of Sponsored Programs
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Christine Fluter-Brown
Associate Director of Research & Compliance
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University of the Pacific
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FRC (Faculty and Student) Funding Opportunities

The FRC reviews applications for these awards and makes recommendations for funding. The objectives of the FRC include the following:

  1. To expand the base of competitive research activity and thereby increase external support of research at Pacific.
  2. To elevate the national visibility and reputation of Pacific faculty for excellence in their scholarly accomplishments.
  3. To provide faculty with opportunities to develop new avenues of endeavor.
  4. To strengthen the educational offerings through increased opportunity for student participation in research, scholarship and creative activity.
  5. To build collaboration and synergy among the schools and campuses of Pacific.

The FRC is composed of one representative from each of the divisions and schools on the Stockton campus. View the FRC Roster for a list of active voting members.

Internal Funding Reminder- Scholarly/Artistic Activities Grant (SAAG)
Internal Funding Reminder- Faculty Research Lecturer Award
Internal Funding Announcement 2015/2016
 General Instructions for Faculty Awards
 General Instructions for Student Awards

DEADLINE:               AWARD:

August 28, 2015

Faculty Research Lecturer Award ($2,500)      
The Faculty Research Lecturer Award recognizes faculty members with a history of research
or artistic contributions during their service at Pacific.  Nominations for Faculty Research
Lecturer are open to all tenured faculty with a minimum of 7 years of service at any of the
three Pacific locations.  Self-nominations are accepted.
October 9, 2015 and March 18, 2016

Scholarly/Artistic Activities Grants ($3,200)
The Scholarly/Artistic Activities Grants (SAAG) are intended to assist faculty members in their
pursuit of professional goals related to scholarship and research. Support is provided for both
ongoing projects and initiation of research in new areas.

February 5, 2016


Eberhardt Research Fellowships ($3,500)
The Eberhardt Research Fellowships are designed to provide financial support for faculty
members on the Stockton campus to conduct a research project for at least a five-week
period over the summer.  Recipients are not allowed to simultaneously teach while conducting
the research project.  The award is designed to support a broad range of projects in all fields
of study.
February 26, 2016

Dreyfus Foundation Award for Student Research ($3,000)
The Dreyfus Foundation award is designed to provide financial support for undergraduate
students to spend the summer working under the guidance of a faculty member on a student
scholarly/artistic project. The award is designed to support a broad range of projects in all
fields of study. The goal is to give students a valuable educational experience collaborating
with faculty on professional research.
March 25, 2016

Holmok Cancer Research Grant ($5,000)
The Otto J. Holmok Endowment was established to fund research proposals that relate to
cancer.  Proposals may be submitted by an individual or by a team of researchers who are
faculty members. Open to researchers from all disciplines on the Stockton campus.  The
proposals can deal with any aspect of cancer research ranging from the study of origins,
to the diagnosis, to the methods of treating cancer patients. 
March 25, 2016    

Hoefer Prize for Student-Faculty Research/Creative Projects ($5,000)
The purpose of this prize is to encourage, recognize, and reward the "teacher-scholar model
for faculty which supports teaching and student learning as the primary activities while
recognizing scholarship and research as vital to that enterprise."  This prize exemplifies Pacific's
commitment to teaching and learning in all of its academic endeavors.  The prize recognizes
outstanding performance in a joint student-faculty research/creative project.  The prize is
awarded to a faculty member(s) and an undergraduate student(s) for work on a single research
or creative project.