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PI Grants & Contracts Handbook

Chapter 1 Program Management and the Office of Sponsored Programs

Office of Sponsored, Description of Roles
Organizational Chart
President of the University
University Provost
Dean of Research and Graduate Studies
Sponsored Programs Administrator
Sponsored Programs Accountant

Chapter 2 Funding Sources

Funding Agencies
Internet Resources and Funding Links
Faculty Interests
Internal Funding
Funding Classifications: Gift or Grant?

Chapter 3 Management and Processing of Proposals

Overview of Developing and Submitting a Proposal
Proposal Flowchart
Early Phases in Proposal Development
Compliance Assurance Approvals
Institutional Routing, Review & Approvals
Submission to the Sponsor
Negotiations/Communications with the Sponsor

Chapter 4 Policies Related to Scholarly Activities and Sponsored Programs

Policies Related to Intellectual Property
Administrative Matters
Procedure for Filing a Patent
Patent Flowchart
Policy for Human Care and Use of Laboratory Animals
IRB Policy
Environmental Safety Policy
Occupational Safety Policy
Policy on Conflicts of Interest
Policy on Integrity in Research and Scholarship
Indirect Reimbursement Allocations

Chapter 5 Financial Management of Grants and Contracts

General Overview
Fiscal Responsibilities
Cost Policy
Indirect Costs
Fringe Benefit Rate
Cost Sharing
Grant and Contract Expense
Time and Effort Reporting
Grant Closeout & Year-End Requirements
Record Retention Schedule

Chapter 6 Internal Funding Programs

Committee on Academic Planning and Development (CAPD)
Faculty Research Committee Awards
Faculty Seed and Bridge Grants
Deans Research Award for Undergraduate Students

Chapter 7 Information for Proposal Development

Institutional Information