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Department of Art and Graphic Design Office
Brett DeBoer, Daniel Kasser
Department Co-Chairs
College of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

Discover Art and Graphic Design

The routines and challenges of professional life as a Studio Artist or Graphic Designer benefit from broad interdisciplinary knowledge and communication.

The foundations for success are:

  • A well-rounded liberal arts education
  • Strong discipline-based skills.

The general education and liberal arts program at Pacific coupled with the Department of Art and Graphic Design curriculum offers a future Studio Artist or Graphic Designer the opportunity for success.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

The faculty has a long history of involving students in projects and educational opportunities that have enriched their Pacific education and preparation for professional life.
Some of these exemplary projects that have produced significant experience and student portfolio pieces are:

The faculty also oversee several on and off campus internships and undergraduate study projects.

Small Classes, Inspiring Faculty

A few of our former students share their thoughts on the Art and Graphic Design program at Pacific:

"At the Art and Graphic Design department I was given a large amount of attention from professors. I felt that they really wanted to help me to succeed. The one-on-one attention and feedback form my professors helped me to improve and to feel comfortable receiving critical feedback on my work. I also enjoyed the fact that you really get to know our professors very well at Pacific. You never feel like you're just a number. They really care about your success."

"All of the professors are very proficient in the field that they teach. Students are challenged to work beyond what they thought they were capable of."

"The best part of Pacific's design program is the incredibly small class sizes. I feel like I got to know both my classmates and my professors well enough that we functioned as a sort of design team—able to bounce ideas off of each other and benefit from the way our diverse personalities tackled projects."