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Marcos Gridi-Papp

Marcos Gridi-PappResearch

Acoustic communication systems are the subject of my research.

Natural selection on acoustic communication systems frequently drives organisms to exhibit extremes of sensory acuity, motor control, biomechanics and neural processing.

In my lab we measure the performance of hearing and vocal structures in wild animals, and relate it to anatomical measurements in order to reveal novel design principles.

We also compare anatomy and performance across species and screen for ecological factors in the biology of the species that could shape their hearing and vocal systems.

Finally, we study sexual communication behavior by manipulating ecological factors and measuring how they affect the vocal courtship strategies of advertising males.

Calling Frog structure of a frog's hearing apparatus (modified from Wever 1973)

Approximate size and position of the lungs and larynx in a calling frog

Structure of a frog's hearing apparatus (modified from Wever 1973)


I love nature, logical thinking, discovery and knowledge sharing, and I have been told that such attributes are evident when I talk. While enthusiasm is an effective motivational tool, it is not enough to make a complete teacher. Just as musical virtuosity reaches its best when supported by solid musicianship, teaching is an activity with many preparatory aspects, and I strive to improve on each of them to facilitate the learning process for my students.

Courses taught:

Human Anatomy:

Vertebrate Acoustic Communication:


Please visit my website http://www.gridipapplab.net for:

  • detailed descriptions of the research in my lab
  • publications and CVs of people in the lab
  • opportunities for students
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Marcos Gridi-Papp
Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences
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