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Gregg D. Jongeward

Dr. Gregg JongewardDr. Jongeward and his students study how simple organisms assemble their bodies, with a specific interest in understanding how simple changes in gene expression can result in stunningly different bodies

For instance, spiders and flies are close relatives, yet spiders have eight legs and six eyes while flies have six legs and two eyes.

Several undergraduates in the lab are cloning and comparing spider and fly genes that determine where and when eyes and legs are made.

Dr. Jongeward teaches:  Genetics, Principles of Biology, Biochemistry, Embryology and Development, and Developmental Biology.

Area:  Molecular genetics and developmental biology of the nematode C. elegans

Gregg Jongeward, Ph.D.
Senior Associate Dean and Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
Email Link Email - Phone: 209.946.2330
Office: Biology Room 254

University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

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