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SGI Computer Cluster

50% of Cluster was financed by the NSF Grant, CHE 071893, Elucidation of Reaction Mechanism with the Unified Reaction Valley Approach: Toward the Control of Chemical Reactions, University of the Pacific, Awarded, 08/09/2007

System Specifications:

Dirac -- SGI Altix 350 System

1.Hardware Specification

32 CPU (2 * 16) - 1.5GHz Processors (Intel Itanium2 64bit)
with 6MB L3 cache 4Gbit NUMALinks
high-performance shared-memory NUMAflex architecture.
Memory: 128GB (8GB * 16)
with 1 Router
Storage server: TP9300 storage server -
1.6TB user home disk space
3.6TB scratch disk space

OS: SuSE LES 9 with SGI ProPack v. 4

Programs available: