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Previous Ph. D. dissertations

Post-Translational Modifications of SEL24K from Salmon Eggs and ZPA from Xenopus laevis Eggs
Liang Zhao, 2011 (advisor: A. Franz)

Macroyclic Chemistry: Part I - Characterization of a Mixed-Valence Di-Iron Complex and Synthesis of a New Poly-Iron Complex; Part II - Synthesis and Characterization of New Diphosphoester Macrocyclic Polyethers
Son Xuan Hoang, 2011 (advisor: L. Spreer)

Studies on Thermochemical Properties of Small Organic Molecules by Mass Spectrometry in Relation to Computational Chemistry
Sumit Mukherjee, 2010 (advisor: J. Ren)

Structure, Secretion, and Proteolysis STudy of MBP-Contatining Heterologous Proteins in Pichia pastoris
Zhiguo Li, 2010 (advisor: A. Franz)

Synthesis, Characterization, and Application of Novel Multifuncational Oligosaccharide Tags
Nandkishor S. Chindarkar, 2008 (advisor: A. Franz)

  • Chemistry Ph. D. Dissertations 2007 

    Determination of Disulfide Linkages in SEL 24K from Salmon Eggs and N-Terminal and C-Terminal Sequencing of gp41 and gp37 from Xenopus laevis Eggs with Mass Spectrometry
    Haiqiang (Bill) Yu, 2007 (advisor: A. Franz)

  • Chemistry Ph. D. Dissertations 2006 

    Synthesis and Studies of Carbohydrate Mimetics as Glycosidase Inhibitors and Molecular Switches
    Barbora Brazdova, 2006 (advisor: V. Samoshin).

  • Chemistry Ph. D. Dissertations 2000-2005 

    Quantitation of Polyamines and Metabolites in Mouse Erytholeukemia Cells by Mass Spectrometry
    Jing Yuan, 2005 (advisor: P. R. Jones).

    De Novo Peptide Sequencing by Mass Spectrometry and Gene Discovery of Spider Silk Proteins
    Xiaoyi Hu, 2004 (advisor: P. R. Jones)

    Design and Synthesis of 3-[N-(Cyclopropylmethyl)Amino]-7-(Methoxy or Hydroxy)-2,2-Dimethyl-1-Tetralone Analogs as Potential Opioid Receptor Antagonists
    Brett Williams, 2004 (advisor: D. Fries).

    Quantitative Mass Spectrometry: Proteomic Analysis of Differentiation of MEL Cells Treated with Hexamethylene Bisacetamide and 7-[N[(3-Aminopropyl)Amino]Heptan-2-One
    David Hawke, 2004 (advisor: P. R. Jones).

    Structure, Characterization, and Kinetics of Nickel Complexes and Reactions with Biomolecules
    Chang-Nan (Peter) Chen, 2003 (advisor: P. R. Jones).

    Contaminants and Decomposition Products in Naturally Aged Pentaerythritol Tetranitrate (PETN)
    Claudia Brackett, 2003 (advisor: P. R. Jones).

    Total Synthesis of beta-Aminomethyl C-Glycosides and their Amides with Quinic Acid
    Dimitriy Gremyachinskiy, 2002 (advisors: P. H. Gross, V. Samoshin).

    Total Synthesis of C-Glycosides by Cycloaddition Reactions
    Jun Lu, 2002 (advisor: P. H. Gross).

    Synthesis of Saccharomimetic Fucopyranosyl-Substituted Urethanes and Ureas from Glycopyranosyl Nitromethanes and Cyanides
    Pasit Phiasivongsa, 2002 (advisor: P. H. Gross).

    Oligosaccharide Mimics - Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Properties
    Andreas H. Franz, 2000 (advisor: P. H. Gross).

    X-Ray Absorption Studies of Strongly-Coupled Diiron Complexes
    Mei Tao, 2000 (advisor: L. O. Spreer).

    Determination of Acetylation and Methylation Sites of Histones by Mass Spectrometry
    Kangling Zhang, 2000 (advisor: M. J. Minch).

  • Chemistry Ph. D. Dissertations 1989-1999 

    Precipitation of Neptunium Dioxide from Aqueous Solution
    Kevin Roberts, 1999 (advisor: S. Rodriguez).

    Nonradiative Energy Transfer in Two and Three Component Systems
    Pihong Zhao, 1994 (advisor: S. Rodriguez).

    A Temperature-Jump Kinetic Study of the Formation of the Cu+2 PADA Complex in Aqueous Solution
    Alicia E. Ricardez, 1994 (advisor: S. Rodriguez).

    Characterization of Irreversibel Inhibition of Proteases by Mass Spectrometry
    Zhonghua Walter Yu, 1994 (advisor: P. R. Jones).

    Binding Study of Inorganic Phosphate to Chicken Erythrocyte Histone H4 by 32PO4 Micropartition and by 31P-NMR - 1H-NMR Assignment of AKRHRKV and its Binding to PO4
    Hai Minh Vu, 1993.

    C-Glycoside Syntheses: Part I: Dendritic Syntheses of Hexose and Aminohexose C-Pyranosides from 2,6-Anhydro-5,7-O-Benzylidene-1-Deoxy-1-Nitro-D-Guloheptitol (82). Part II: Henry Condensation of Nitroethane and Nitropropane with 4,6-O-Benzylidene-D-Glucopyranose
    Xiaojing Wang, 1993 (advisor: P. H. Gross).

    Spectroscopic Studies of Rhodamine 6G with Mercury (II) and Iodide and with Beta-Cyclodextrin
    Gayle Banister Jarpe, 1991.

    Development of New Electro-Chemical Methods for Determination of Tinplate Quality
    Donald P. Jepson, 1991.

    C-Glycoside Syntheses: (I) Henry Condensation of 4,6-O-Alkylidene Pyranoses with a 1,3-Proton Transfer Catalyst: A Route to Blocked Aminomethyl-C-Glycosides, and (II) Glycosyl Cyanides and Isocyanides from Glycosyl Fluorides with Full Acetal Protection
    Kenneth N. Drew, 1991 (advisor: P. H. Gross).

    Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry: Personal Computer Based Instrument and Two-Dimensional Spectroscopy
    ShenHeng Guan. 1989 (advisor: P. R. Jones).