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Susan McCann
Administrative Assistant
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Tuesday Seminar Series

The Tuesday seminars are intended to bring internationally recognized colleagues to the department, to keep faculty as well as undergraduate and graduate students informed about latest developments in the field, to establish a network of contacts, and to develop collaborations.

CHEMISTRY SEMINARS (this semester)

Seminar archive: spring 2007, fall 2007, spring 2008, fall 2008, spring 2009, fall 2009, spring 2010, fall 2010, spring 2011

Research in Chemistry

The department offers a variety of exciting and future-oriented research topics, stretching from organic synthesis, biochemistry, theoretical chemistry, to physical chemistry and spectroscopy. Graduate students are required to engage in research, but we also encourage Undergraduates to get involved. Between 2000 and 2008, department faculty published over 80 research papers in high-quality peer-refereed journals, often co-authored with undergraduate and/or graduate student researchers. In the same time period, faculty and students attended numerous national and international conferences and presented over 50 papers.

Current grants (close to $2,000,000) support this research and have funded

What to expect (Chemistry Graduate Students)

Graduate students admitted to the Pharmaceutical Sciences and Chemistry Program earn salary as teaching assistants in Undergraduate laboratories. They are required to carry out research, and they receive up to 9 units tuition remission per semester.

Despite its small size, the Department of Chemistry mentors 22 Graduate students and several post-doctoral fellows.

What to expect (Chemistry/Biochemistry Undergraduate Students)

Undergraduate students have the opportunity to join research groups in the department to fulfill the requirements of chemistry/biochemistry electives, but also in form of summer internships. In the research groups, they will work alongside Graduate students and the faculty supervisor on current projects. They either receive units for their work or (upon availability of funds and qualification) salary as research associates.

Current research topics for Graduate students include (but are not limited to):

Synthesis of molecular switches (V. V. Samoshin)

Total synthesis of small-molecule inhibitors of carbohydrate-processing enzymes. Synthesis and modification of carbohydrate mimics (V. V. Samoshin, A. H. Franz).

Amino acid sequence elucidation of spider silk proteins (P. R. Jones, O. D. Sparkman).

Energy transfer in fluorescent dyes (S. Rodriguez).

Environmental studies of toxin accumulation in plastics in the Pacific ocean (P. R. Jones)

Molecular Dynamics simulations of amphiphiles at walls and gas-phase conformation of helical peptides.
Gas-phase proton transfer reactions, thermochemical properties of helical peptides, peptide fragmentation mechanisms, protein-protein interactions and peptide-lipid bilayer interactions (M. McCallum, J. Ren)

Proteomic analysis of MEL cell differentiation (P. R. Jones)

Phosphocrypts and -podands, Transition metal macrocycles (L. O. Spreer)

Nucleotide analogs and DNA repair inhibitors (L. Xue)

Gas-Phase Ion Chemistry (PEPICO) (B. Sztaray)

Computational methods for protein folding (J. Tsai)


Faculty and Graduate students of the Department of Chemistry presented their research findings at the 58th ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, June 2010.

Pacific reunion of current and former Graduate students  Drs. Ren, Xue, and Jones at the Poster session of the ASMS conference

The Department of Chemistry had a strong showing at the 239th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in San Francisco, March 21-25, 2010. Multiple posters were presented (including undergraduate co-authors) and one oral presentation.

  Liang Zhao (Poster presentation) Manali Aggrawal (Poster presentation)

  Mikael Minier and Farah Shaheen (Poster presentation) Xin Liu and Dr. Nataliya Samoshina (Poster presentation)

Several undergraduate students from the department participated with research posters in the 22nd Annual Northern California ACS Undergraduate Research Symposium, Sacramento State University, May 2010.

JasperVisser_SacramentoUGradSymp 2010  MikaelMinier_SacramentoUGradSymp 2010  TsaiGroup_SacramentoUGradSymp 2010