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Undergraduate Degrees in Chemistry:

  • Chemistry Major (ACS-Certified)
  • Biochemistry Major (ACS-Certified)
  • Chemistry-Biology Major
  • Chemistry Major (emphasis on Medicinal Chemistry)

The Bachelor of Arts degree is designed to give the student a broad understanding of chemistry and to provide a preparation for careers in medicine, dentistry and teaching.

The more rigorous Bachelor of Science degree prepares students for a variety of options including advanced degree studies in chemistry and biochemistry, professional schools of medicine and dentistry, and careers in the chemical industry.

What to Expect: Chemistry/Biochemistry Undergraduate

The first two years of work in all the programs is essentially the same: one year of general chemistry and one year of organic chemistry from the courses offered. After the fourth semester additional classes in areas of specialization will be taken according to the specific degree requirements. 

Course work in the department is demanding, with a heavy emphasis on laboratory work (more laboratory opportunities than most universities in the United States) to provide the solid understanding that will serve our students well in their professional careers.

Undergraduate Research

Virtually all Bachelor of Science and many Bachelor of Arts candidates choose undergraduate research as one of their chemistry electives. In this course the student has the opportunity to use the modern instrumentation available in the department and to work closely with faculty and graduate students on an original research project. The graduate students are typically conducting independent research projects as part of a Master of Science or a Ph.D. program.