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Student Achievements


Faculty and graduate students of the department participated in the National ACS Meeting in Denver, CO, August 2011 (see "Research")

Dr. Silvio Rodriguez was recognized by the University with the Spanos and Corson Undergraduate Teaching Award (details here)

Two former chemistry students receive major NSF-Fellowships (story).

The College of the Pacific featured the Peer-Led Team Learning workshops in general chemistry and organic chemistry on its web page at http://web.pacific.edu/College-of-the-Pacific/Students-Teaching-Students.html.

The Department of Chemistry is proud to announce that Noah Fang (Chemistry), Farah Shaheen (Biochemistry), and Jasper Visser (Biochemistry) are this year's Outstanding Graduating Seniors. (05/05/2011)

Jasper Visser (Biochemistry), Farah Shaheen (Biochemistry), and Noah Fang (Chemistry)

Spring 2011
Left to right: Jasper Visser (Biochemistry), Farah Shaheen (Biochemistry), Dr. Larry Spreer (Chair), Noah Fang (Chemistry).


An interesting historic web page honoring the development of aerogels in the 1930's by Samuel Stephens Kistler and his connection to the College of the Pacific can be found at this site.

Faculty and Graduate students of the Department of Chemistry presented their research findings at the 58th ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, June 2010. Go to Research for pictures.



Several undergraduate students from the Department of Chemistry presented research posters and talks at the 22nd Annual Northern California ACS Undergraduate Research Symposium, Sacramento State University, May 2010. Go to Research for pictures.


The Department of Chemistry and the School of Pharmacy receive national grant for medicinal research, November 2009.

Pacific chemists develop method for analysis of contaminated drywall building material, August 2009; DETAILS.

Outstanding Graduating Seniors (Hall of Fame)

Mikael Minier (Outstanding Graduating Senior in Chemistry 2010)

Spring 2010
Mik Minier

Left to right: Will Smith (Biochemistry), Cheryl Zurbrick (Chemistry), and Seth Urban (Analytical Chemistry)- 05/02/2009

Spring 2009
Left to right:
Will Smith (Biochemistry),
Cheryl Zurbrick(Chemistry)
Seth Urban (Analytical Chemistry)


Left to right: Andery Samoshin (Chemistry), Nikmala Tan (Biochemistry), and Logan Ahlstrom (Biochemistry)

Spring 2008
Andrey Samoshin (chemistry)
Nikmala Tan (biochemistry)
Logan Alstrom (biochemistry)