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Communication Degree Programs

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  • Communication

Students complete a core of required courses for the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Communication.

The curriculum focuses on both theoretical understandings and applied skills, and is supplemented by fieldwork, practica and internships.

Degree Requirements:

Internships / Practica

A Communication major is required to complete an internship or practicum. The Department believes that practica and internships are important adjuncts to learning. These experiences are available both on and off campus in the communication areas of radio, television, public relations, journalism, organizational communication and forensics. Internships and practica are taken for pass/no credit.

Internship and Practica Requirements

Students undertaking an internship or a practicum through the Department must satisfy the following requirements:

(1) Students must have an overall cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above in order to register for an internship, COMM 087/187, to count toward the major; otherwise,

(2) students with a minimum overall cumulative GPA of 2.0, may be placed in practicum, COMM 089/189, to serve in an on-campus setting;

(3) students should complete the appropriate courses as prescribed by the Faculty Supervisor, before the Internship or Practica is undertaken (exceptions must be approved by the Faculty Supervisor);

(4) undergraduate students may complete a total of 16 units through COMM 087/187 (Internships) and/or Practica, COMM 089/189. Students must participate in the mandatory internship seminar sessions, and a site-visit with the faculty supervisor.

Independent Study and Independent Research Requirements

Students enrolling in independent study and/or independent research through the department must satisfy the following requirements:

(1) The student must have a department GPA of 3.0 or higher and the permission of the instructor.

(2) The student must have completed all category II courses for the particular emphasis area of the major.