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The Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences offers a range of B.S. and B.A. degrees, as well as minors, to meet varying student interests and goals.

Degrees Offered
Geology (BA, BS)
Environmental Science (BS)
Environmental Studies (BA)

Minors Offered
Environmental Studies

The Bachelor of Science in Geology prepares the student for graduate study or professional employment in geology. Students earning a BS in geology can obtain competitive jobs in a number of geoscience areas, including geotechnical consulting, where they assess geologic hazards and environmental impacts. Other career paths include working as a geologist involved with the exploration and production of fossil fuels and other important mineral resources. An increasing emphasis on environmental issues and growing demand for natural resources, in addition to recent retirement patterns in the geosciences, are creating a considerable demand for well-trained geoscientists. According to the American Geological Institute, Masters and PhD-level geoscientists have experienced effectively zero unemployment during the past 20 years.

The Bachelor of Arts in Geology is for liberal arts students with a strong interest in the earth and its environments, but who are not planning to pursue a career in geology. The breadth of a BA in geology is ideal for preparing students for professional degrees and successful careers in law, business, administration, or international relations.

The Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science major is designed to impart students with the practical skills and knowledge required to critically evaluate environmental problems and issues and provide applied solutions. The major is decidedly interdisciplinary in nature, focusing on the underlying natural processes relating to the environment and understanding and employing the scientific method. The need for broadly trained scientists in the area of environmental science is critical and the understanding of the importance of this field provides many employment opportunities. A BS in Environmental Science can lead to numerous employment opportunities with many different agencies and areas. Typical employment could involve working for consulting firms performing environmental restoration, producing environmental impact studies for both governmental agencies and private firms, and additional vital biological services. Other types of employment can be found with regulatory agencies seeking to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and laws, with environmental law firms, or public health agencies.

The Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies is for liberal arts students with an interest in environmental issues. It provides a multidisciplinary approach to environmental issues and concerns.

Degree Requirements