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Bachelor of Science in Geology

(The content posted here may not be up to date. Please see the latest General Catalog for current degree requirements.)

The Bachelor of Science program is designed for students who wish to pursue employment in the geosciences or continue their education at the graduate level.

Students with a B.S. degree are able to find employment as entry-level technicians or consulting geologists.

Career options are greatly enhanced if a student earns a Master of Science degree.

Our graduates have successfully completed graduate degrees at universities throughout the United States.

Required Courses

One of the following introductory courses:

  • GEOS 51 Physical Geology
  • GEOS 53 Geologic Evolution of the Earth
  • GEOS 61 Geology of California

Core courses:

  • GEOS 100 Mineralogy
  • GEOS 110 Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology
  • GEOS 112 Sedimentary Petrology
  • GEOS 114 Structural Geology
  • GEOS 161 Geologic Field Methods

One of the following courses emphasizing earth history:

  • GEOS 53 Geologic Evolution of the Earth (if not chosen above)
  • GEOS 120 Paleontology

Two courses in applied geology (from the following):

  • GEOS 142 Geochemistry
  • GEOS 144 Geomorphology
  • GEOS 145 Engineering Geology
  • GEOS 148 Hydrogeology

One geology elective (other than GEOS 105 or 193)

One of the following experiential learning courses:

  • GEOS 187 Internship in Geosciences
  • GEOS 197 Undergraduate Research


  • Two courses in general chemistry (CHEM 25 and 27)
  • Two courses in physics (PHYS 23 and 25 or PHYS 53 and 55)
  • Two semesters of calculus (MATH 51 and 53)
  • One computer course (GEOS 102 or COMP 25 or COMP 51)