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Why Earth Science?

Earth Science degrees are one of the most valuble degrees offered at Pacific!
Forbes Magazine (2012) lists Geology & Geology-related tracks as 3 of the 15 most valuable college degrees... pre-dental, pre-pharm, & pre-law tracks not even listed!!!
Science Magazine (2013) calls Geology one of three "Can't-Miss Science Careers"
US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects more than 20% growth in Geology careers in coming years
• ZERO unemployment amongst geologists with MS degrees since 1984! And... most graduate school programs in Geology are essentially free to students!
• Geology graduates are immediately employable & are extremely competitive candidates for a variety of graduate programs (including law, medical, MBA, and policy programs)

What do Earth Scientists do?
Geologists investigate Earth's mysteries while promoting a clean environment, reducing the impact of natural disasters, and providing resources for modern life. Geologists travel widely and work in urban and rural environments studying earthquakes, landslides, and floods. Some geologists search for energy and mineral resources. Geologists teach in grade schools, community colleges, and universities. Other geologists pursue rewarding careers in business, law, and policy. Research geologists work to further develop our understandings of the dynamic planet around us.

Program Highlights
• Rigorous academic program prepares students for success
• Classes integrate career-oriented professional development certifications & training
• Outdoor experiences built into every class
• Abundant travel opportunities (domestic & international)
• Unparalleled student research opportunities... our students publish their results!
• Close, family-like community
• A Geology degree from Pacific will make you very competitive for jobs & graduate school

“When students tell me that they see the world around them with new eyes, then I know I have been successful.”Lydia Fox
Professor and Department Chair

Join our family!

Our department offers field-, lab- and lecture-based learning experiences that foster a close-knit community environment. Here, students and faculty can interact in both formal and informal settings, which provide conditions ideal for exploring the Earth and the environment.

Get outdoors!

Most of our courses include one or more field trips. While many of these trips explore fascinating locations throughout California, several of our trips are several days long and allow us to explore a much broader range of locations around our world.

Take an active role in your education!

We emphasize active, hands-on, field-oriented approaches to the study of geology and environmental science. In addition to our dynamic courses, our department offers a wide variety of exciting research, outreach and service, and field-based opportunities and experiences.

Find your career path

Professionals in the exciting field of geology investigate the mysteries of the Earth with the objective of promoting a clean environment, reducing the impact of natural disasters and providing natural resources for modern life. The Earth & Environmental Sciences Department offers a range of degree options that support a wide range of potential career paths.


Our building contains a mixture of modern classroom, laboratory and office spaces. We operate and maintain a range of specialized equipment for teaching- and research-related programs. We have four separate labs, each serving distinct scientific purposes.