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Dr King teaching macroOur department distinguishes and prides itself on "personalized learning" experiences, and to that end we provide more attention to teaching quality and advising compared to many other institutions.

We never turn away majors from our classes because they are full, and consequently, a degree in Economics at Pacific can be completed within 4 years.

At Pacific, our upper division economics classes are small, enabling us to provide a high degree of attention and promote in-depth class discussions for our students.

Distinguished Faculty

We are a diverse faculty specializing in a wide range of fields including:

  • International finance and trade
  • Labor economics
  • Money and banking
  • Economic history
  • Urban economics
  • Public economics
  • Econometrics
  • Health economics
  • Environmental economics
  • Development economics

Many of our faculty have international experience. Three faculty members have spent substantial time in places such as Indonesia, Uganda, and the United Kingdom. We draw from our experiences to make our classes exciting and applicable to the real world.

Lucrative Career Paths

Economics plays an important role in many careers, and students with degrees in Economics are some of the highest paid college graduates in the marketplace.

“Pacific's Economics Department has offered me a combination of attributes I cannot imagine finding elsewhere. The course instruction has been presented in a manner that fosters interest and understanding. The classes are small and personal, leaving me always looking forward to attending.

I have no reservations on dropping in on a professor to ask a quick question, and they always have made the time to entertain my inquiries. When comparing with other friends at larger universities, I have not found similar results.”

Kyle Kennedy '08