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English Department
First Floor, Wendell Phillips Center
Amy Smith
Department Chair
College of the Pacific

Diane Borden

Diane BordenI have always thought of my teaching as a way to continue to learn.

In the classroom I become one of the students and together we all venture into the world of ideas and creativity, of diverse interpretations and varied means of investigation.

At the root of teaching and learning stands curiosity, delight, and discipline.

James Joyce, the great Irish writer, once said the way you learn about things is by thinking.

For me the classroom provides a cozy place for all to think through and about a text, a puzzle, an image, a question, or the Big Picture.

Whether we are discussing a sequence from a Hitchcock film or a poem about the experience of space and time, or doing a psychoanalytic interpretation of a myth, students and I share what I hope is a kind of illumination.

We work together for sixteen weeks--reading, seeing, talking, writing--and we share something that remains after the final exam, after the graduation, well into someone's career.

For me the classroom is place to get together with bright people and find wonder.