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English Department
First Floor, Wendell Phillips Center
Amy Smith
Department Chair
College of the Pacific

Xiaojing Zhou

Zhou XiaojingI am a proponent of student-centered learning and teaching.

As an instructor, I consider my role similar to that of a dance instructor.

While inspiring students to continually extend and deepen their understanding of the subject being studied, and enabling them to explore new abilities, develop emerging potential, and master essential skills are basic to the dance instructor’s work, it is equally important to model the kind of performance expected and demonstrate how to achieve it.

In my classroom as in a dance studio, individual learning is inseparable from cultivating an awareness and responsiveness to others’ talents and strengths through interactive learning.

Basic to this collaborative approach is a reliance on shared inquiry that emerges from students’ own interests and motivations.

For me in teaching there is no experience more rewarding than witnessing students taking delight in discovering together how to excel as learners.

2015 Distinguished Faculty Award Winner