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English Department
First Floor, Wendell Phillips Center
Amy Smith
Department Chair
College of the Pacific

Poetry Readings

The C.A. Webster Foundation, College of the Pacific Dean's Office, Ethnic Studies, Gender Studies and The Humanitites Center have underwritten poetry readings sponsored by the English Department.

Poets in the recent past have included:

  • Kim Addonizio: poet in residence at the College of Notre Dame
  • Jan Beatty: author of Red Sugar and two other award-winning collections
  • Anne Carson: recipient of The MacArthur Genius Grant
  • Marilyn Chin: author of Rhapsody in Plain Yellow
  • Wanda Coleman: author of Bathwater Wine
  • Martha Collins: author of Blue Front, editor
  • Julia Holzer & Paula Sheil: editors of Zam Bomba, a local poetry publication
  • Susan Kelly-Dewitt: author of The Fortunate Islands
  • David Keplinger: author of The Prayers of Others
  • Li-Young Lee: celebrated poet and author of The Winged Seed, a work of prose 
  • David Mura: author of The Colors of Desire
  • Gary Short: author of two books, including Flying over Sonny Liston
  • Richard Tillinghast: author of The Stonecutter's Hand