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The interdisciplinary Ethnic Studies Program draws from the expertise of faculty across the University of the Pacific. These faculty members are listed below by school/department.

Xiaojing Zhou

Dr. Xiaojing Zhou, Director, Ethnic Studies Program, Professor of English

Program Director: Xiaojing Zhou

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Phone: 209.946.2611
Office: Wendell Phillips Center, Rm. 127

Anthropology / School of International Studies

Analiese Richard, 946.2707
Professor Richard teaches Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (ANTH 53), Cultural Anthropology(Spanish)(ANTH 54) and Physical Anthropology (ANTH 112).

Sara M. Mathis, 946.7713

Laura A. Bathurst, 946.3181
Professor Mathis and Professor Bathurst teach Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (ANTH 53).


Teresa Bergman
Professor Bergman teaches Documentary Film as Persuasive Communication (COMM 133).

Ken Day, 946.2506
Professor Day teaches Intercultural Communication (COMM 143).

Qingwen Dong, 946.2505
Professor Dong teaches Intercultural Communication (COMM 143).


Peter Meyer, 946.2906
Professor Meyer teaches Labor Economics (ECON 180).

School of Education

Harriet Arnold, 946.2807

Ann Go, 946.2306
Professor Go teaches Introduction to Bilingual Education (CURR 129/229) and Teaching English Learners (CURR 137).

Ronn Hallet
Professor Hallet teaches Pluralism in American Education (EADM 204).

Fred Muskal, 946.3254
Professor Muskal teaches Cultural Basis of Conflict in Education (EADM 130/230).

Robert Oprandy, 946.2671
Professor Oprandy teaches Introduction to Bilingual Education (CURR 129/229) and Teaching English Learners (CURR 137).

Heidi Stevenson, 946.2681


Cynthia Dobbs, 946.2618
Professor Dobbs teaches American Families (ENGL 025), Black Women Writers (ENGL 025), and Blues, Jazz, and Literature (ENGL 161A).

Courtney Lehmann, 946.2609
Professor Lehmann teaches Sports and Scandal (ENGL 025).

John Lessard
Professor Lessard teaches Class & Desire in Film and Literature (ENGL 025).

Camille Norton, 946.2122
Professor Norton teaches Between Two Worlds: Exile in Contemporary Literature and Film (ENGL 025) and Gender, Race, and Representation in Film and Fiction (ENGL 025).

Xiaojing Zhou, 946.2611
Professor Zhou teaches Multi-Ethnic American Literature: Space, Body, and Identity (ENGL 025); Contemporary Asian American Literature (ENGL 161B); Introduction to Ethnic Studies (ETHN 011); Service Learning Practicum (ETHN 189); and Independent Study (ETHN 191).


Jennifer Helgren
Professor Helgren teaches History of American Immigration (HIST 132).

Bill Swagerty, 946.2895
Professor Swagerty teaches Native American History (HIST 120), History of the American West (HIST 124) and History of California (HIST 130).

Modern Literature & Languages

Martin Camps, 946.7403
Professor Camps teaches Hispanic Writers in the U.S. (SPAN 124).

Susan Giraldez, 946.2291

Conservatory of Music

Patrick Langham, 946.3222
Professor Langham teaches History of Jazz (MHIS 008).

Political Science

Jeff Becker, 946.3986
Professor Becker teaches American Political Thought (POLS 134).

Robert Benedetti
Professor Benedetti teaches Urban Government (POLS 104).

Dari E. Sylvester, 946.2007
Professor Sylvester teaches Urban Government (POLS 104).


Deborah Schooler
Professor Schooler teaches Developmental Psychology (PSYC 129).


Alissa Ackerman
Professor Ackerman teaches Criminology (SOCI 133).

Alison Alkon
Professor Alkon teaches Social Problems (SOCI 093) and Environment and Society (SOCI 093A).

Roy Childs
Professor Childs teaches Urban Society (SOCI 061).

Marcia Hernandez, 946.2100
Professor Hernandez teaches Sex and Gender (SOCI 123) and Prejudice and Racism (SOCI 141).

George Lewis, 946.2930
Professor Lewis teaches Food, Culture, and Society (SOCI 108).

Ethel Nicdao, 946.2103
Professor Nicdao teaches Social Inequality (SOCI 172).


Jeannene Ward-Lonergan, 946.2705
Professor Ward-Lonergan teaches Multicultural Populations (SLPA 143).

Sport Sciences

Peter J. Schroeder, 946.2704
Professor Schroeder teaches Sports in America (SPTS 141).