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Film Studies students

In the Film Studies program at Pacific, film is analyzed both from its technical aspects and its function as a cultural referent, reflecting psychological, political and historical contexts. It accommodates both high art and popular culture, both an international discourse and an individual auteurism.

We examine film as a "text" that can be studied through diverse critical and theoretical perspectives, including such approaches as:

  • Formalism
  • Neo-Historicism
  • Psychoanalysis
  • Gender theory
  • Auteur theory
  • Genre theory

Hollywood Connection

Hollywood Connection

The University of the Pacific has served as a setting for numerous Hollywood movies. The campus, with its traditional brick buildings and lush landscaping, looks similar to East Coast Ivy League schools but offers the advantage of being much closer to Hollywood. The city of Stockton has also been featured in many movies. Pacific/Stockton Movie List