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Degree Program

(The content posted here may not be up to date. Please see the latest General Catalog for current degree requirements.)

Two degree options are available to students wishing to study film.

The Major: The major in Film Studies requires students to take a minimum of 9 courses including three required core courses, plus three more cognate courses.

The Minor: A minimum of five courses (or 20 units) including the required core course ENGL 031-Aesthetics of Film.


ARTS 045 Digital Photography
ARTS 095 Computer Graphic Design II: Time Based Media
ARTS 141 Photography II
ARTS 143 Photography III
ARTH 114 20th Century European Art & Film
ARTH 116 Contemporary World Art
ARTH 118 Art in the United States: 1865-1945
ARTH 124 Sex, Gender & the Arts
ASIA 120 Asian Cinemas
COMM 131 Media Production
COMM 133 Documentary Film as Persuasive Communication
COMM 134 Documentary Film Production
ENGL 031 Aesthetics of Film
ENGL 115 Screenwriting
ENGL 117 Introduction to Film Production
ENGL 121 Major Filmmakers
ENGL 122 Literature and Psychology
ENGL 123 Film, Literature and the Arts
ENGL 124 Film History
ENGL 127 Contemporary Critical Issues (when taught by film faculty)
ENGL 131 Shakespeare
ENGL 191 Independent Study
ENGL 193 Special Topics such as: Alfred Hitchcock, Woody Allen, Film Noir, Contemporary World Cinema, Contemporary American Cinema, Advanced Film Production
FILM 195 Capstone
FREN 120 French Cinema
MCOM 019 Music & Computer Technology
MCOM 111 Advanced Computer Music
MCOM 127 Music, Sound, and Film
MMGT 096 Sound Recording Fundamentals
RELI 171 Religion and Cinema
RUSS 120 Contemporary Russian Film
SPAN 114 Latin American Women Directors
THEA 031 Makeup
THEA 033 Design Fundamentals
THEA 037a Costume Design
THEA 037c Scenery
THEA 071 Beginning Acting
THEA 137 Lighting Technology
THEA 171 Intermediate Acting
THEA 193 Acting for the Camera