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Dawnie Andrak class of 2017

Dawnie recently graduated with a Master of Arts, in the inaugural class of University of the Pacific's Food Studies program. She is a graduate of our Food Literacy Academy, as well as a graduate of the Center for Land Based Learning's Farm Academy, a program for beginning farmers.

Dawnie is co-owner of Local Roots Food Tours, offering culinary diplomacy experiences and specializing in food and history walking tours in Sacramento and the region. She prides herself on the tidbits of fascinating food and history facts that she knows and loves to share the information with tour guests and anyone that will listen. She lives in East Sacramento with her life and business partner, Tim, where she keeps bees and chickens and tends a large vegetable garden and several fruit trees. When asked about her motivation for pursuing her Master of Arts in Food Studies at the University of the Pacific, Dawnie stated:

I applied to the Food Studies program because I have always found food to be fascinating. I'm pleased to say the program exceeded my expectations by affording me an opportunity to study a vast array of food topics with incredible professors in the field. The study and research opportunities were significant in depth and breadth, from the history of  
food to food and its relationship to capitalism, to food in literature throughout the ages. All of this, I have applied them to my career in the field of gastro diplomacy and tourism and in my work as a board member of the Food Literacy Center and the Community Alliance
of Family Farmers. - Dawnie Andrak, Co-Owner, Local Roots Food Tours