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Name Alexandra Atterbury

Hometown Tri-Valley, CA

Current Food Obsession Aside from wine... Sauces - al of them, making them, tasting them, and cooking with them.

Alexandra Atterbury

Alexandra Atterbury

Why did you decide to pursue a Master of Arts degree in Food Studies?
In short, the intersection of food and people is fascinating, interesting, and so important.  The Food Studies program is a way for me to explore and understand how food (and drink) can facilitate relationships and community, across a variety of backgrounds and perspectives.

What is one of your favorite San Francisco food experiences?
Exploring new places, especially local hole-in-the-wall places with unique perspectives.

What is your thesis project?
Though I don't have things pinned down entirely yet, I am exploring the role of women in the world of wine. 

How do you envision putting this degree to work?

First and foremost, the analytical skills gained in this program help to understand the world in a more broad and balanced perspective.